We will be holding another Open Farm Sunday in 2019!

Activities on the day

There are numerous activities to see and do on the day. These include the following:

A. Pigs - John has been breeding pigs all his life and has bought some of his young Saddleback pigs today to show our visitors.

B. Hens - Clarissa is one of the farm directors but she also breeds and shows Aracana chickens.

C. Molescroft Farm Children’s Nursery - we will be opening a fantastic children’s nursery
on the farm in September. Stephanie, Chloe and Camilla are on hand to answer all your questions and show you around the new building!

D. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - be wowed by the YWT’s wildlife knowledge, including finding out what an owl pellet is…

E. Sheep - Nicola & Edward farm in Beswick and will be showing off their Oxford Down
sheep with their beautiful ringlets.

F. Forest Schools - Graham helps the farm to host farm visits from local schools. He is also goes into schools to do Forest School sessions and will show you more of what he does today.

G. Straw bale play area - both large and small bales so suitable for toddlers upwards!

H. Sausage sandwiches - made with pork from our outdoor reared, highest welfare pigs.

I. Mr. Moo ice cream
J. Binnington Blooms - Jill grows all her own flowers from a small field on their dairy farm. She will have some beautiful examples available for you to buy and take home.

K. Dairy farming - Becky Waring will be putting a milk vending machine at this farm in the near future. Having a chat to Becky to find our more. Plus have a go at milking a cow with our pretend cow “Daisy”.

L. Frith Farm - Ben rents a small field from the
farm and grows vegetables and salads to
sell direct to local families, shops and
restaurants. These including Grain, Vanessa’s Deli and The Westwood Restaurant. This year he has started a veg box scheme.

M. Farm Machinery - James and Pete work on the farm and will show you our massive machinery and answer any questions you have.

N. Wheat - this is the main crop grown on the farm, much of which we sell to Bradshaw’s Mill in Driffield. Steve has kindly come from Bradshaw’s Mill to show you how they produce such high quality flour, and what our wheat is used for

O. Miscanthus – we grow miscanthus, which is burnt by power stations to produce energy instead of using coal. The display explains more about its production and use.
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