Molescroft Dog Field

We are very pleased to have recently fenced a field solely for dog walking. This field has 6' high secure fencing with wire net along the ground to stop dogs scrambling or digging under the fence. Only one booking is possible per time slot, so you have the use of the field entirely to yourselves.

We decided to do this after enquiries from somebody in Beverley who rescues huskies and wanted a safe place for them to run. Having visited another similar project we realised there is a big demand for this and it is a move which will benefit many people and dogs in Beverley, hence in keeping with our wider business ethos. In fact due to the loss of places dogs can be let off their leads and the risks from other antisocial dogs, such a field actually has a wide appeal, not just for reactive dogs.

The field has double gates to keep entry safe, and will have an open fronted covered seating so your dogs can have a run whatever the weather. In fact if you wish to bring a picnic along at the same time that is also fine. However we do ask that you take your rubbish home with you.

Dog poop MUST BE collected by you and put in a bag and then put in the bin provided.

It is ESSENTIAL that you don't stand at the gate waiting for the previous booking to finish and leave the field, unless their time has expired. Many dogs using this field have issues with other dogs and it defeats the object to have problems getting back to their car. Please stay in your car (or outside the field gate) until your booking time. We will have to ban people who do not abide by this rule.

Anybody failing to stick to the rules will be barred in the future. To help police this we ask members to report any rubbish or uncollected doggie do. There is a list of more detailed rules and regulations which you agree to bide by when you book. These are listed on the field gate.
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1-3 dogs - £5 per 30 minute slot
4-8 dogs - £8.00 per 30 minute slot

1-3 dogs - £8.00 per 60 minute slot
4-8 dogs - £12.00 per 60 minute slot
9-12 dogs - £15.00 per 60 minute slot

If you are using the field to walk an assistance dog or you are from a dog shelter you are entitled to a discount code so please call or email us for this.

You can book up to a year in advance so feel free to book the same slot every week.

It is possible to book several slots in one go by selecting 're-occuring' then going to the bottom of the list then selecting 'choose additional time'. You will get to check the selected slots before proceeding to pay.

Payment is by PayPal as you book. The booking form will direct you through this. Plus you can change the booking slot up to 6 hours before the slot if you change your plans - just click on the grey box at the bottom of your confirmation email which will guide you through this. No changes after 6 hours before the slot, sorry.

Full directions will be emailed to you once we receive your booking, along with the padlock code. The map below shows the location, on the north side of Beverley.

We will be changing the access codes randomly, and you will receive an email and text one hour before your booked slot with the correct padlock code.

Please click here to book the field

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Molescroft Farm Dog Walking Field
Your booking confirmation email will have the full directions to the field.