Storkhill Community Woodland

Storkhill Community Woodland was planted by the farm in 2001 with grants from the Forestry Commission to help buy the trees.

It is a 20 acre field and planted with a mixture of nature trees and shrubs including goat willow, oak and ash trees. More details will be added to this site over the next few months.

The bridge was put in to allow public access to the field, with help from a grant from landfill tax via Onyx Environmental Trust. Landfill tax can be redirected to local community and environmental projects such as this one).

Our trees will hopefully redress a little of the problems of CO2 and other greenhouse gases as trees take in the CO2 and locks it up. Grassland also locks up CO2 so even the grass areas are a benefit.

You will also notice that there is a 10 acre area of wetland in the field next to the wood (to the left of the bridge). This has been done to encourage the breeding and overwintering of wading birds. There are some shallow ponds (called scrapes) to give a variety of different water levels at different times of the year. The initial work was done in 2007, before which the whole field was used to grow food crops. We will be doing further work to improve the scrapes in the winter of 2017/18.

Access to the woodland is via parking at Hull Bridge (near BATA) and walking on the public bridleway between the River Hull and Barmston Drain. It is about 500m from the parking at Hull Bridge but the ground is easy walking so you could do it with an off-road pushchair.
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The picture to the right shows wood starting to look like a wood in 2014. The wood was also set back by the flooding in 2007 and some areas had to be replanted.

We are really pleased to see so many people making use of the field!
The picture to the left shows the wood in 2006 with very little sign of the trees. The land is very fertile and thistles and docks took over once the tree whips were plants, hence slowing down the trees.
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