Farm & Estate News

Exciting times on the farm!

Hello! I hope you like our new website. It is rather basic at the moment but as the old website was only accessible via an ancient MacBook we decided we needed a new version to keep everybody updated to what we are doing on the farm.

The main news is that we will be opening a brand new children's nursery on the farm next summer! We are absolutely flat out with organising the construction of the building and the infinite finer points but will try to keep updating what we are doing. This will mostly be done through the nursery website so please look there and follow the Facebook or Twitter account links from the website.

The second exciting news is that we are hopefully opening a dog walking field in spring 2017. This will be where people can book the field online for half hour time slots. The field will be for their sole use and will be very secure with 6' fencing, double entry gates and a shelter so you can have a sit down if you like. Payment will be taken by PayPal when you book. Again, please see the relevant page, this time it is on this website and is under 'The Farm' heading.

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