Farm Visits

At Molescroft Farm we are proud of what we do on the farm and want to involve the local community by having visits to the farm. As part of our Higher Tier Environmental Stewardship agreement, by which we receive grants to help care for specific threatened species, such as turtle doves, we can also get some funding to help fund school visits.

Please get in touch if you would like to bring a group to the farm. From 2017 we will be doing visits alongside Frith Farm who have a business producing vegetable and salad from a field on the farm.

We have disabled access toilets for people with mobility impairment and are happy to tailor visits to your requirement.
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We have a wealth of wildlife on the farm so we have plenty of do, whether you want to look for mini beast, or larger ones. These were a family of barn owls nesting in a barn owl box on the farm. They were tagged by the local barn own expert so they could be monitored later in life, helping to work out what can be done to help barn owls thrive.
We farm over 500 hectares of arable land around Beverley so have all the kit to enable us to do this. Hands on experiences are the best way for children to learn and sitting in a tractor is something children don't forget quickly. Especially when it is a 320 horse power monster!

Plus it can also give children that the too could have a career in agriculture. Girls included.
Our main farm yard is on the outskirts of Beverley which means it is possible for many Beverley school pupils to walk to the farm, saving valuable cash for other resources by not needing to travel by coach. An added advantage is how well behaved the chilren are after a 20 minute walk.

If you do need to come by coach we can help with the cost, and have plenty of good parking for the coaches.
This is a photo of a class a couple of years ago looking at potato growing.

From 2017 Frith Farm will be helping with school visits to show how they grow the vegetables they produce on the farm for local outlets such a Vanessa's Delicatessen and The Westwood Restaurant.

This hands-on experience is invaluable and why we think every child should visit a real farm, not just a petting farm.

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